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Summer chicken salad

Dinner tonight started out as this. However, as I opened my refrigerator I saw some bell peppers, and some spinach and I didn't feel like tortilla and something acidic sounded nice so....well the rest is history. There are times in the winter where I just get sick of the cold. I want to feel warm. I want to remember summer, and grilling, and sitting outside relaxing. Sometimes my answer is to cook a nice summery meal, close my eyes and pretend. This salad hit the spot exactly! It was even filling enough for my carnivore husband.

Recipe found here


Also I'm working on making printable versions of my recipe, below is a sample.  When you visit the food blog you can view and print it on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Feb. 19, 2009


Feb. 20 2009
crissy mathers said…
we are so soul mates! seriously what are the chances? yours wins though.
Feb. 20 2009
Randi said…
Darn you for posting all this yummy food! This salad is making me want to literally lick my computer screen!
Feb. 20 2009
Tabitha said…
That looks very yummy and what a great idea those printable recipes are ~ I would definitly give this a try! Love and hugs XXXX
Feb. 23 2009
Lesley said…
Now this looks delish!!! I will deffinately have to make this one. Going to print it off now.
Apr. 01 2010
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