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So I finally gave in and got one of those web host dealies. Then I [s]made massive threats and forced[/s] kindly asked my [url=http://www.pyropoptrt.com]computer nerd friend (I have permission to call him this, even though I totally think he is cool enough to be promoted to computer geek even if he doesn't think so)[/url] to build me a site. And even though I can be the [s]most difficult indecisive[/s] sweetest angel on the planet he agreed. Soooo in the next two weeks (read week and a half because Lee like 4 days has already passed) I will be debuting my very own brand new site. He promises me that if you use my old (current) link it will route you to my new fancy page (If it doesn't I'm going to send him lots of red mad smileys on yahoo) but alas I have faith. My new page is going to have those tabby thingies on top and those flikrmabobs and fancy links and lots of snap crackle and pop! Anyway like I said this site will reroute you but you may want to change the link after the site is complete. When the full change is made I will be located at misguidedmommy.com. Can't wait to show you all the new site! Like I said it should be up in about a week and a half (if his cat doesn't delete it all or something.) Don't forget to stop by and check out my account manager, aka [url=http://www.pyropoptrt.com]Lee the graphic designer guy's website[/url]. He is super talented and for a small fee will for sure hook up your site (just as soon as he is done with mine of course). [url]http://www.pyropoptrt.com/portfolio[/url]
Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 26, 2008


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