Tales of a Misguided Mommy

He is one smart cookie

(Brandon speaking to me)

"Mom, I love food, I love all kinds of food.

I love beans, and all kinds of fruit.

I love Apple Jacks. 

I love Cheetos.

I love pancakes.

I love meat.

I love chicken nuggets."


Well, at least he knows Chicken nuggets aren't really meat huh!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Feb. 16, 2009


Feb. 17 2009
Patty said…
Too Cute! I love the new blog!
Feb. 17 2009
Mrs. F said…
Hehe. That is funny!
Feb. 17 2009
crissy mathers said…
being that he's YOUR kid, how come he didn't say "i love chocolate?"


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