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When my husband and I purchased our new computers we were shocked to find out they had a promotion going where if you bought a new Mac you got a new printer. Not just a printer but an HP All-in-One Printer, scanner, copier. The problem is, we already have 2 printers and I have a gazillion more at work so this beauty is just sitting in my office.

So. In honor of my shiny new blog I am giving this beauty away. All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what your idea of great Valentines Day would be, or your most favorite Valentines Day memory.  Admissions will be accepted until 12am February 13th. Please only one entry per person. The winner will be randomly drawn by a numbers generator. Make sure you leave a valid email in the comments section so I can contact you for shipping information.

Good luck.


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Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Feb. 9, 2009


Feb. 09 2009
Someone Being Me said…
Fun! I love the new header. My ideal Valentine's Day would involve an entire day with my husband sans child. I am 30 weeks pregnant with #2 and I really just want some one on one time with my husband before the second one gets here. We don't really have any family close by or good babysitters so we only get out alone once in a blue moon. I would love to have a nice leisurely dinner followed by a movie and maybe even coffee.
Feb. 09 2009
Lindz said…
Wow girl how totally exciting! I love the look of your new blog and you're being super generous with your give-away.
Feb. 09 2009
J said…
First of all, congratulations on your new blog! My idea of a great Valentine's Day would be having a romantic dinner at night with a breathtaking view such as a beachfront. But we're not doing that this year, perhaps next year! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. You are so generous!
Feb. 09 2009
Katie McCann said…
My husband got me The Departed for Valentines Day two years ago, because nothing says I love you like organized crime and murder!
Feb. 09 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
My favorite valentines day gift was when my fiance F.B. made a powerpoint slideshow of all of our trip photos (200+) and put cute or funny comments on each and every photo, it was really sweet. I had also just gotten my wisdom teeth out then so it was a really sweet surprise.
Feb. 09 2009
jodifur said…
Love the new blog! I'm hoping the best V-day will be this year, which we will spend on the disney cruise. And if I win, can you hold it for me b/c i will not be checking my email. Off to update my link to you. Did you updates yours to me when I moved?
Feb. 09 2009
crissy mathers said…
my fave valentines memory was when i got dumped by a total jerk on our way back from a "romantic weekend" in palm springs. THANK GOD he dumped me.
Feb. 09 2009
moo said…
the comments are weird. the formatting is effed up. also, I can't seem to add the new feed to my reader. gragh. (I don't need another printer!)
Feb. 10 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
Sadly, I can't tell you what my favorite V-Day memory is.... I can tell you what we're going to do this year... This year, since Valentine's Day will be on a Saturday, it's going to be JUST US. Me, Hubby, and Gage. We (mommy & daddy) are planning to take the little mister on a picnic by the lake to feed the ducks. We just want to spend some time having good old fashioned fun together, just the 3 of us. With school, work, and juggling it all---it will be nice to just stop, smell the roses & ignore the rest of the world for a while!
Feb. 10 2009
Lesley said…
I would love to win that printer(/copier/scanner/etc.*lol*)! Valentines has always been "just another day" for me until this year! For some reason, cupid came up and shot me in the ass around mid January! Ever since then, there have been little pink and red hearts everywhere around the house! Last night, me and ALL 3 KIDS completed their Valentine goody bags and cards a whopping 5 days EARLY!!! I never get anything like this done early! I made plans about a week ago to get up before everyone else on Valentines morning and make PINK heart shaped pancakes (+bacon) for the family. I have also purchased all the supplies needed for the kids to make PINK cupcakes with PINK icing (and a huge effin PINK mess). I plan on dropping the kids off later in the day with a babysitter and having a night out with the MR. We have talked about going out to the same restaurant that we celebrated our 1st Valentines togeather but am not sure yet (He better have made reservations already!). We may just stay in with the kids and find other quirky V-day stuff to do! Can't wait to find out your plans for the holiday! Good Luck to everyone on the printer (/copier/scanner/ all you need in a printer/ I want it)!!
Feb. 10 2009
Sarah said…
Wow! Love the new blog! The header is darling! :) So, I don't really have a "fave" V-Day memory, but I'm really looking forward to a great dinner and movie night with the hubby. We're going to David's Grill out at Red Hawk for a special gourmet dinner (minus the seafood for me, blech), then to a movie, then home for some sweet lovin'! Hehe! And this is a special one for us because it's our last V-Day ever without kids! Hope yours is great! =)
Feb. 10 2009
lucinda! said…
awesome new website, btw. i love the snowday pictures of you and your boys. my favorite vday memory was a few years ago, noah surprised me with 15 dozen roses. 180 roses! there were 1 dozen for every month that we had been together. there were so many, all of my countertops were filled with them. i still have most of them (dried of course) they are in our room on a shelf/nook thing.
Feb. 11 2009
Steph said…
My least favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day is go out to eat. Weird, I know. I like to do something that requires thought and effort, and that I hopefully don't have to plan haha. My ideal V-day celebration would be to wake up to breakfast in bed, homemade waffles with homemade whipped cream and strawberries. After breakfast my boyfriend would give me a new and interesting book to read and I would go off to a coffee shop or snuggle up with it on the couch which he cleaned the house (this is a dream after all right?). In the afternoon we would take a walk together, or go to the beach for a clam chowder lunch on the pier. At night, he would make us dinner and we would eat it picnic style on the living room floor with some candles. He of course would wash the dishes after:) After dinner we would snuggle on the couch and watch a good movie or some good tivo'd stuff. Haha, soo... thats my pipe-dream. Of course I would be THRILLED if even one of those things happened. Jerad is more of the "lets dress up and go to a fancy restaurant and I'll give you some jewelry and have flowers delivered." Not that that's bad, I know a lot of girls would kill for that:) I'm just crossing my fingers for some of the other stuff I mentioned!


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