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First days of school

Last week was Brandons first day of third grade.  Every year Brandon and I take a picture together.

Codi started Kindergarten today.  

I was a little bit sad because this meant I could no longer watch Brandon go into class.  I have walked Brandon to his line every day since Kindergarten and watched him play and then go into his classroom.  Now that Codi is in Kindergarten I have to be on the playground with him.  Today I walked Brandon to his line, gave him a kiss and then let him go play.  After that I walked Codi to his new playground and then went into class with him.  His teacher had all of the parents listen to a little story.  In the story the raccoon didn't want to go to school because he would miss his mom. So the mom kissed his palm and told him any time he was sad to touch his palm to his cheek and he would have a kiss from his mom.  After the story she gave each kid a little cut out hand and had them give it to their parent along with a kiss in our hands.  Then she had each parent kiss their childs palm and leave.  It was very cute. 

He had to decorate a notebook for school.  This was his notebook.  The most important thing he wanted was a Giants logo.

The boys new Plant Box lunch boxes finally arrived and I was thrilled to pack them. This is their lunch today. Not pictured is the little Hersheys kiss I put in the center of each lunch box.  Codi's has ham, cheese, crackers, grapes, string cheese and a fruit snack. Brandons is the same minus the fruit snack.  They also each had a snack box packed.  Brandons had a banana, a babybel cheese and an organic gogurt.  Codi had organic bunny crackers, a babybel cheese and organic gogurt.  Each of their snack boxes slip into the front pocket of their lunch box and then there is an organic juice in the other pocket.  I love the lunch boxes because I'm able to fit everything in one area so they don't lose anything.  The Planet boxes also have little metal containers that go inside of it for dips, or pasta, or other liquidy things.  I can't wait to get creative packing their lunches.

The lunchbox also has a spot for an ice pack and silverware.  I just love them.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Aug. 19, 2013


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