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Getting rid of it all again.

A week ago I looked like this.  My hair was out of control long.  It was pretty and if I took the time to do it, it looked very nice.  But I never took the time which meant 80% of the week was spent with my hair pulled up into a messy bun giving me a headache.  After much hemming an hawwing I bit the bullet and chopped it all off.

Y'all I am in love.  I am so so happy I did it.  Look how cute I am. 

I fell younger. I don't have headaches anymore and look, when I get out of the shower and do nothing with it, it just dries cute. 

I wasn't able to donate it this time because we had bleached it to get rid of the pink and no one accepts bleached hair anymore.  We did hide a small amount of purple in it, but it washed out so I'm going to go find more purple and put it in there myself because the stuff I buy doesn't leave (I won't be bleaching the purple in this time just putting it over the dark).

For a bonus photo this is what I do when I am at work and I am stuck on hold and can't get to the bathroom to floss.  I turn on Photobooth on my computer and floss with my webcam.  You had no idea just how nerdy I was didja?

Ooh oooh.  I also got new glasses.  Did you notice? Probably not.  But I think they are fantastic.  I went to the eye doctor and asked them for "sexy librarian" glasses and they didn't know what to do.  The whole office is a whole bunch of old people and none of them found my request as funny as me.  After trying on 700 pairs of glasses I settled on the ones above.  They aren't exactly sexy librarian but they are far better then the old ones. What do you think?  Approve or not?


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 10, 2013


Jan. 11 2013
beylit said…
Hair and glasses are both looking great!
Jan. 12 2013
Lainey-Paney said…
Cute hair cut!!!!
Jan. 16 2013
Ginger said…
You know your readers just really want to see the version of the first photo where you totally photo bombed yourself...right??? And you know I already love your hair but I'll tell you again, I love it!
Feb. 13 2015
Doug said…
Just saw these pictures. Extremely sexy woman. Just sayin...


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