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How to make a total fool of yourself for months without even knowing it

A few months ago I got a new iPhone.  My old one was working fine it just wasn't loud enough for me unless it was on speaker phone.  It couldn't be fixed because I had actually melted a Hershey kiss into the ear piece and Apple kindly told me that kind of damage isn't covered since you know...IT WAS MY FAULT.

I ended up mailing the phone to a friend to use basically like an iPod touch.  She wanted to read 50 Shades of Grey and I had already downloaded it plus a few other books so I sent her the phone with a full library.

Since then I've been reading lots of books.  I've been having book ADD.  Nothing seems to hold my interest for long anymore so I've found myself downloading things, reading five pages and moving on.  People have been sending me suggestions and I generally end up downloading them.  Some of them are a little bit more racy then 50 Shades.  Some of the books have some pretty interesting covers.  I figured it wasn't an issue because they were on my iPad and no one could see them.  If they got to racy I just stopped reading them. 

Then about two weeks ago the friend wrote me and asked me to download an ap for her.  I was confused and asked if she had set up her own account.  She said that she hadn't because she was worried if she deleted my account it would erase all of my stuff from my own phone.  I was a little confused and then she mentioned that every ap I download auto downloaded to her phone.  Then I realized that meant every book I downloaded was also auto downloading.


Luckily this friend has a sense of humor and also knows that what kind of books I read and what kind of person I am, so it wasn't a complete shock to her when a book image of a half naked girl with nothing but lacy stockings appeared in her library.  I had to laugh.  I felt kind of bad for her, because I could tell she probably didn't want to tell me about it.  I can't even imagine though what would have happened if I had chosen a different kind of friend to send the phone to.  A reserved friend, or a prude, or a younger friend.  I'm just thankful I hadn't downloaded some of those really really bad BDSM books that people have been reading since 50 shades.  I would post a couple of the free books I had downloaded on here just so you could see the images poor Jess had to see when she opened her phone...but I'm afraid of what kind of spam comments I will get from it.

Either way, I explained to her that she could put her own account in and she wouldn't lose the books she was reading and nothing would be deleted from my account.

I'm pretty sure said friend is thrilled that she will no longer open her iPod (phone) and have to see just what exactly Shannon is reading today.

He he.  Oops.  I guess nothing is really safe anymore is it.  

Sorry Jess!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Sep. 17, 2012


Oct. 01 2012
??? said…
Can I see the half naked girl cover? PS the email is REAL it was for my apple id ironically.


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