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There is absolutely no explanation that makes this acceptable

Last night I was tired. We had spent a day driving followed by a day at the water park. It took me a while to fall asleep because the husband was snoring but when I finally did it was a good sleep. At some point in the night I started dreaming. I wish I could remember the dream. I really really wish I could remember. Because for whatever reason the dream made me pull out my ear plug, put it in my mouth, and start chewing on it like gum. I have no idea how this happened. All I know is that suddenly I sat up and spit a soggy orange ear plug out of my mouth. That's gross. It was in my ear!!!! Any guesses on what kind of dream would provoke that? I'm afraid to sleep tonight. I might start chewing on my bra this time.
Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Aug. 10, 2012


Aug. 10 2012
Plomes said…
Ewwwww. I just died laughing!!!!!
Aug. 10 2012
Jenna said…
Hmmm, that's just ewww O.o Maybe in your dream you were Charlotte from Charlie in The Chocolate factory...in the original movie she kept her gum behind her ear.


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