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To EVERYONE in my life...you are fired

Come on.  There is no way that all of the people around me in the last two weeks can tell me they didn't notice those two half in long black chin hairs dangling off me.  It's not possible.  So I want to know why not a single one of you chose to tell me????

Totally uncalled for.  You guys are my family, my friends, my SPOUSE.  You are supposed to tell me when you notice two chin hairs so long I should buy them furniture and name them.  

Not impressed.  Not impressed at all.

Thank god for the good lighting in my office bathroom or they would have grown long enough to braid.

You better watch it...next time you have food in your teeth I'm so not telling you.  ANY OF YOU!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jun. 7, 2012


Jul. 11 2012
verbi said…
ROFL!!! good one! - hey and one piece of assvice :D would be - can u make it any easier? commenting on ur blogs - coz now i need to write down my name, email, website and even the security words - to just say " LOL"


Please leave me a comment. It asks for your email so I can reply to you, this will not be shared or shown publicly. I like to reply personally to each of my commenters so please leave me an address. You can leave the website box blank if you do not have one. Thank you.


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