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That did not just happen

All day long all I wanted to do was mop the floor.  I went to my office and got the mop bucket and then remembered that it was broken.  The handle where you drain the water was having problems.  But never fear 


He got this brilliant idea to drill holes in the mop bucket and bolt down the handle.  It totally worked.

Up until I put water in the bucket.

Because you know...WATER COMES OUT OF HOLES.

So here I am filling up my bucket and I look down to see my kitchen carpet soaked and a trail of water across the kitchen.  

He says, "oops, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

So now, in order to finish mopping my house we have to adventure to Home Depot tonight so I can finish mopping my house.


I'm shaking my head so bad right now.

He's laughing.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 10, 2012


Apr. 11 2012
Jenna S. said…
Yikes, that so sounds like something my husband would do, lol.


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