Tales of a Misguided Mommy

Do you think I could Craigslist that?

Wow that was heavy huh?  Let's lighten it up some shall we?

Last year when I went to Blogher I made sure to go up and down every isle of the FREE STUFF.  I fell in love with the Post It booth and the Dove ice cream booth and the Dr. Scholl's booth that gave me inserts for my 4" heels and a pair of those little shoes that fold up and go in my purse because I WAS HURTING.  

But then I came to a booth of office supplies.  It was a pretty booth with bright pinks and greens and I just loved it.  I saw this awesome business card holder and since I had just ordered brand new business cards with my blog on it I thought it would be a super item to rate.  I picked it up and turned it around in my hand a couple times and then looked at the lady in the booth and asked, "I'm not sure exactly how the business card goes?"

They started laughing at me.

A lot.

I didn't get it, why was this funny.  One of the girls working there handed me a pretty bag that read, "Edenfantasys," and said, "you really need this."

I was baffled.  So, she reached up and TURNED ON THE BUSINESS CARD HOLDER.


A 3" long tongue shaped vibrator.  I didn't even know what to do.  I couldn't figure out how to turn it off and I just turned bright red.  They started laughing and handed me a second bag, and said that if I didn't realize I was standing at a table full of vibrators, lube and condoms I reallllly needed that bag.  

I went back to my room with a ton of bags and just threw them all in my suitcase.  I didn't know what to do.  What does one do with a bag full of vibrators?  Finally I looked inside.  There was a double ended vibrator, and a double bullet, some wipe things, lube and other various toys.  I was mortified.  All the girls in my hotel room had the bag and they all took it home.  Not wanting to be a prude I packed it up and took it home too.  I don't even want to know what security thought about a suitcase with 4 vibrators in it.  

Fast forward to now.  I'm cleaning out my office and I find a bag full of Edenfantasys vibrators.  I don't know what to do with them.  They must be expensive and I can't just throw them away because THE MONEY, but I don't want them so WHAT DO I DO?  The company has offered a few times for me to review it and then give one away but OMG I CAN'T REVIEW A VIBRATOR ON MY BLOG.  It's not exactly something you can just take to the office and see if anyone wants, right?  I can't imagine doing an actual give away on my blog because I'm not sure my readers would really enter a contest to win bedroom toys from an adult shop.  I can't donate them to goodwill because NO, JUST NO!!!!!!!  


What does it say about me that I thought a vibrating tongue was a business card holder?  Why did I bring them home? Why do I have two of each one? 

Seriously, who do I give them to?  Do I really just throw away over $100.00 in toys?


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 21, 2012


Mar. 22 2012
Heidi@heaven is a bookstore said…
I'd say make a date with hubby! (haha) Or regift them at a bridal shower.
Mar. 22 2012
steph said…
blog giveaway! :)
Mar. 23 2012
Thora said…
I agree with Steph :)
Mar. 23 2012
Christina said…
Blog give away-definately!
Mar. 23 2012
Rachael said…
Yep, my first thought went along with Steph's. Giveaway!
Mar. 23 2012
Kim Mueller said…
giveaway!!!! Or date with husband. Or bridal shower gift. They are all great ideas. Or, I am getting married in two months, give it to me as a bridal shower gift! just kidding, I have been married for almost 13 years........so maybe I do need one! Hah!!


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