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The enormity of blogging

Tonight I received an email from Kim.  She heard about the fire in Reno and was worried about me.  When I saw that email, there are no words big enough, or eloquent enough to describe how warm my heart was.

Kim and I have been reading each other since she was on a different blog and I was hosted on Blogger and still a secret to my family and blogging the really juicy details of my life.  I could not believe she took time out to think of me, worry about me, CONTACT ME.

The problem with blogging lately is that we are all lazy.  We read blogs on our phone, or through a reader and we never comment.  Because no one comments, many of us believes that no one is reading us anymore.  I often find myself thinking, "no on is even reading this I should just shut it down, what's the point I'm talking to myself."  

But then an email comes through, from a blog friend I've known over three years and suddenly I didn't feel so invisible anymore.  Someone is still reading me.  Someone still remembers me.  That little email gave me the little nudge I needed to commit to posting again.  I still read all of you.  I try and comment when I can.  I promise to comment more.  I promise to try and write more.  We've been through a lot together and most of us have never met.  We've gone through pregnancies, divorces, miscarriages, infidelity, fights, disabilities, cancers, marriages, and so much more together yet we have all stopped taking the time to stop in and say hello.  


You girls mean the world to me.  You have listened to me talk about depression, medication, my kids, my husband, my past.  None of you have judged me.  You have held my hand from a million miles away.  I want you all to know, I'm still here, I still see you and I still appreciate every single one of you.

Kim.  Thank you so much for making my night, for thinking of me and for writing.  Thank you....for making the effort.

I promise to pay it forward!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 21, 2012


Jan. 21 2012
coffee slut said…
Awesome post! I am guilty of not commenting enough ...that's gonna change. So glad you are all ok!
Jan. 21 2012
Sarah Lynn said…
That is so awesome. :)
Jan. 21 2012
Lindz said…
So true. I miss the good old days when we all commented and felt more connected.
Jan. 21 2012
kim said…
You are too sweet. I just remembered you lived there so wanted to check on you. I don't comment often enough but I do read often and would miss you! Glad you are all okay!
Jan. 21 2012
Lucinda! said…
Great post. I am so guilty of not commenting enough. Laziness is exactly what it is.
Jan. 24 2012
Kat said…
Wow, that point hit home. I too lurk and I read posts in work in my RSS Reader or on my phone and I don't comment and since I've returned to blogging after a long hiatus, I promised myself to comment more on other blogs. Was so happy you stopped by my blog yesterday. Thank you for reconnecting!
Jan. 25 2012
Rachael said…
I try to comment anytime I feel like I have something to say, but I find my feedreader does get pretty full. I still love the community and the blogs I read. Your friend contacting you is the exact reason I think the internet is seriously amazing.


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