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A kids cough medicine that helps them sleep and is safe for kids under 35 um YES PLEASE

I don't normally do reviews on my blog but this is the first time that I got a product that I actually wanted to review. Because it is about my kids. When I was at Blogher I walked through isles and isles of stuff. Some I put in my bag, some I walked past and some I happily ate while browsing (Dove I'm looking at you.). I stumbled across a booth called Zarbees. It was a children's cough medicine.

I wasn't sure what to do. It wasn't a brand I recognized. Could it really be safe? I grabbed a few of the day and night samples and continued on. When I got home I really went around in my head with it. I had never heard of these people. One of them was a nighttime medicine. Was that safe? I'm anal about kids medicine. I worry about dosages and ingredients and dyes.  

I read the packaging and I was happy to find that it contained natural ingredients.  Honey, real fruit flavoring and in the night time one Melatonin.  I hemmed and hawed about that.  Do I want to give my kids a medicine to put them to sleep?  What if their heart stopped? WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF.  

Two weeks later Codi got sick.  When Codi gets sick it's a problem.  He is up all night.  ALL NIGHT.  But the worst part is, he was only three, HE CAN'T TAKE ANY COUGH MEDICINE.  I hate that.  It is not fair that he has to suffer.  I remembered the Zarbee's and decided I would try it. It is safe for kids 2 and up.  It comes in powder form.  You mix it with 2 oz of warm water and then have the child drink it before bed.  I liked that.  It reminded me of Theraflu, and the warmth always seemed to comfort me when I was sick.  

Then came the big problem. CODI DOESN'T PUT ANYTHING IN HIS MOUTH.  Codi only eats chicken nuggest (a specific brand), pancakes (only mini ones), and anything chocolate.  For fever medicine he only likes the pink one. Never the purple.  Only one brand, only one shape.  I mixed up the Zarbees and it wasn't bright purple it was kind of a brown color (hence the natural colors and flavors).  I was afraid of Codi's reaction.  I handed it to him, he eyed me like I was a crazy lady, took a teensy sip, looked at me, blinked, and chugged it all down.  

I was stunned.  He loved it.  It has a sweet honey flavor (I've tried it, adults can take it too).  A nice fruity flavor too.  The moment of truth came.  Codi went to bed at his normal time and then proceeded to sleep through the entire night without a single cough.  

Codi used two more nights after that and each night it worked just as well.  Yesterday Brandon got sick.  We gave him his normal cough medicine and then like I thought he woke up coughing and puking.  I told my husband to give him the Zarbee's.  Guess what.  He slept the rest of the night, didn't make a single noise and even slept in a little instead of waking up at 5:00 am.  It worked amazing.  Brandon had it again tonight and so far he's sleeping peacefully with not a single cough coming from his room.

I wasn't paid for this review, I did it simply because it involves my kids and it really really works.  I like finding out about products that work and are safe for kids.  I also love knowing about something that helps my kids actually get rest when they are sick.  I've always hated when Codi was sick and the doctor said there was nothing he could do because cough meds don't work for kids under 5 or 6.  I hated listening to him cough all night long and stay sick longer because he wasn't resting.  I hated feeling like I could do nothing for him.  I hated laying in bed hearing how miserable he was.  But now, now I listen to silence at night and know that my kid is resting, not coughing and feeling so much better.  I give this product two thumbs up!  It can be bought at :



Walgreens Albertsons Associated Food Stores
Bartell Drugs Dan's Foods Food City
Fresh Market Harmon HD Smith
Harmon's Jewel-Osco Kerr Drug
Maceys McKesson Meijer
NEX Save Mart Winn Dixie
Wegmans Weis Whole Foods


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Nov. 22, 2011


Nov. 23 2011
Liz said…
Thanks for this review. I'm going to get some for my boys. I love natural stuff.
Nov. 24 2011
Niki said…
Glad you did this review! I'll make sure to have some handy. Nothing ever seems to work for us.
Jan. 05 2015
francis said…
Thank you


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