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If you followed me on Facebook you would have been able to solve this problem a lot sooner

This morning I woke up and all I could smell was SHIT!  Or, something rotten.  Really rotten.  Like holy shit if I was pregnant right now I would puke all over my hardwood.  I spent the whole morning sniffing around.  In every room.  In closets, trashes, floors, the drier EVERYWHERE.  

I thought the dog had managed to poop and push it under the couch to hide it from me or something.  

I was livid.  How could I not find a smell this bad?  HOW? 


I walked into the laundry room and the smell got worse.  

This is where you could have all helped me out.

You see, if you followed me on Facebook you would have seen this on Wednesday:

Want to see it close up?

So if you followed me on Facebook you would know that Wednesday morning my kids got into a fight near the stairs and Brandon's cup of milk "somehow" managed to "accidentally" fall down the stairs.  Four minutes before I was supposed to go to work. 


Which is why I would have grabbed three rags, wiped up the whole mess, tossed the towels into the washer and ran out the door to work.  

Which would explain why THREE DAYS LATER the rags were still in the washing machine with the door ALMOST all the way shut but not shut enough to hold the smell in.


That is three days that milk soaked towels sat rotting in a hot, confined space.  


I had to put my washing machine on super hot sanitize to wash them.  Even then six hours later my house smelled.  I had to open all of the windows and air out my whole house.

So, if you follow me on Facebook you would know, that my kids make messes, I'm having a bad day and I live in a house that smells dog shit.  I just got home from work, and then had to make a run for my second job.  I was stoked to sleep in this weekend.  I am sick, I feel like crap, I just want some rest and my boss asked me to come in tomorrow morning at 8AM.  Normally I wouldn't want to do that but I have some tattoos I need to get, and shoes to buy so, work a twelve hour day when all I want is to sleep in and get better 


Which is why if you follow me on Facebook you will expect to see a lot of cranky exhausted updates from me.  And also, next week, if I complain about a smell PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ASK ME IF I FORGOT ANYTHING IN THE WASHING MACHINE!


25 minutes later this happened

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Oct. 14, 2011


Oct. 20 2011
Just Jiff said…
I do follow you on FB and I'm not sure how...but I missed all this. :( Sorry it stunk up your house. Know what you need to make it smell better with all those stinky boys? SCENTSY -- from ME!!! :)


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