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I would never

I made a post on Facebook tonight and it got me thinking.  I've been with my husband ten years and there are still things I would never do in front of him.

1. I would never ask him to help me pop a pimple.  He's seen me pick my face but I would never ask him to help me pop one.

2. I would never pee with a door open.

3. We never discuss pooping.

4. I will NEVER fart in front of him.

5. If I accidentally fart in front of him I would NEVER admit it.

Are there things that you would never do in front of your significant other?  Are there things you let them see that other people would think you shouldn't? 

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Oct. 10, 2011


Oct. 10 2011
niki said…
I've been with mine for 13... and I can say you pretty much sum it up for us. Bathroom related things just don't get discussed. EVER. We're pretty private people, so nobody ever see's anything. Having him down there watching me push our kids out, was so horrifying to me... I was so freaking worried I was going to poop I couldn't push right! With the first kid, the nurse kept yelling at me to push like I had to poop.... I almost yelled at her to shut up, i don't poop. geez
Oct. 11 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
1. EW! HECK NO! 2. Eh, we've peed in front of each other. But NEVER number two, haha. 3. Guilty. 4. NEVER! Some things need to remain a mystery! 5. Ditto!
Oct. 11 2011
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