Tales of a Misguided Mommy

Okay fine, heres the whole truth.

I wanted to believe that I haven't been blogging lately because my kids got older and have homework, and need lunches packed and you know aren't little babies that I can just put on a play mat and not worry about.  But come on, I'm going to be honest with y'all I've become addicted to romance novels.  


**Embarrassed sigh**

Not just any romance novels.  You know the sort of naughty kind of torrid ones.  

I know.  I KNOW.

I should be blogging not reading love stories about great sex and then a break up and then a big romantic make up and marriage or something but....I'm not even sorry because I only do it at night when I'm about to sleep and I can't bring my computer to work anyway so I wouldn't be blogging anyway.  And I can't blog in the morning because my kids actually require real clothes now not a quick onsie and a blanket.  And then need an actual lunch packed now I can't just pack a boob with some breast milk you know.  Then they need their homework done and packed up at night instead of just being all look shiny toy play with that woohoo.

So if that really only leaves me time to myself when I pee and get in bed you can bet I'm going to pick reading a quick book (yeah, my iPad goes pee with me) over writing a whole blog, because when I write blogs I want to be all funny and stuff and I'm just not funny at 11:00 pm at night when I'm all full of sleeping pills and thinking more about sex with my husband then spell check.  

But.  I will figure it out.  Because I miss you guys.  And I know eventually my kids will give me a little bit of time to myself and maybe I won't always be making dinner late at night which will leave me more time around 9:00pm to write a post.  Or, you know maybe I'll just say fuck it, tell my husband to make dinner and I'll run and hide in my girl room and write about blog post, about my run, that has to do with a movie reference that....

Oh my.  I read romance novels and do embarrassing things while I run.  Why do y'all even read me?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Sep. 30, 2011


Sep. 30 2011
Jessa said…
I read the 'historical' fiction ones where they are supposed to be all prim and proper, but really just want (and eventually do) tear each others clothes off and fuck like rabbits. LOL No shame Shannon, no shame.
Sep. 30 2011
Niki said…
I totally am stuck on them too.... they are pretty much the only free books I can get for my Kindle on Amazon. I like the historical ones the best ;) Half the time I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can read. My husband works nights, so he's never around to tease me for it lol
Sep. 30 2011
Niki said…
Oh, and we read you because you are real. You don't sugar coat things and you are so honest about things. I keep coming back because so much of what you say.... it's how it is for me too. It's just nice to hear someone else say it so I don't feel so crazy/ :) I hope that you continue to write for a long, long time!
Oct. 01 2011
Alice said…
I'm gonna need titles!!! Seriously...share!
Oct. 03 2011
Ginger said…
Ummm...don't think that your readers don't remember that you owe them a horribly embarrassing story (that you are obviously making up excuses so you don't have to tell them!!!).
Oct. 03 2011
Mom said…
I'm with you Ginger. We know the story but I think she had time to write about it and tell everyone.


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