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Come oggle my shoes

I'm featured today on shoe Friday. Come drool over my sweet heels http://jodifur.com/2011/08/shoe-friday-139.html
Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Aug. 19, 2011


Aug. 20 2011
Elsie Juanita Sheffield said…
Remember little ones have big ear. What you say they here so they say. As a Mother if you set the example you can not correct them. I use to smoke when my Daughter started to smoke I felt really bad. I had told her by my doing it, it was OK. I never told her to stop. Told her it was bad. Not to take my Cigs. with out asking, becaues then she is stealing. If you say the F___ word and your child who is to blame.
Aug. 21 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
Gorgeous shoes dear, I love the polka dot ones! I can't wear heels. I have bad knees. :-(
Jul. 16 2013
Gardening with Juanita said…
Thank you for visiting my blog a while back. Hope you will visit again soon. Juanita.


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