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The shoe discussion

With Blogher11 coming up next week (omfgnextweekIhaven'tevenpackedpanicattackfreakoutohshit) There has been lots of discussions about clothing, what to pack and shoes.  Everyone keeps saying they must be comfy shoes.  So I have to ask, do these count as comfy?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jul. 25, 2011


Jul. 25 2011
Kim said…
Um, yeah. They totally do. Doesn't sparkly mean the same thing as comfy????
Jul. 25 2011
Victoria :) said…
Those don't look so comfy, but they are adorable. Those you will be taking them off and taking a picture to show the world how dirty your feet get from walking around barefooted like the picture you sent me when I came to rescue you from downtown.
Jul. 25 2011
Ginger said…
Resist the urge, I've been to enough conferences and trade shows to tell you that you will hate yourself if your wear those...of course this is coming from the girl who recently wore her sparkly shoes in Vegas and forced her sister to take a cab across the street...yes, I said across the street, so I could wear mine!
Jul. 26 2011
saly said…
While those are creaking adorable, they are probably not a good idea. You should start your own trend and wear crocs.
Jul. 26 2011
saly said…
Jul. 26 2011
Patty said…
Um no! They are cute though :)
Jul. 27 2011
Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy {linky} said…
well there will be no chance of us confusing shoes in the room. mine are sparkly....but they are flip flops lol
Jul. 30 2011
jodifur said…
Love. Please send me for shoe friday.
Aug. 01 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
Adorable & shiny. :-D You just need a pair of these in your purse, lol: http://www.drscholls.com/drscholls/forher.jsp


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