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Why me God WHY ME

Please tell my why I'm always the one left with two puking kids while I'm sick at the same time?  Also please tell me why my kids are always sick.  And while your at it please tell me why my dog is hell bent on licking up puke THAT CAN'T TASTE GOOD SPARKY IT JUST CAN'T!!!!!!!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jun. 15, 2011


Jun. 15 2011
christy said…
My husband gets EVERY damn virus that my children get. I swear, he is a bigger baby than the kids. I hate the way my children stagger their colds. Someone will be sick and as soon as they start to feel better, then other is sick. UGH.
Jun. 20 2011
sunshine said…
Ewwww...feel better!


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