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Being frivolous

Lets say I win a lottery. Of course I’ll do the normal stuff, pay off houses, my parents houses, husbands parents houses, pay off my cars, donate a large amount to the animal shelters, SAVE SAVE SAVE, pay my bills for a year, SAVE, build a dream house (with an indoor craft room, a kids play room, an actual man room, each kids own bathroom, and a kitchen to die for)…but come on, if I’m gonna win the lottery lets talk about the stuff I do that no one ever talks about.

Tattoos. Lots and Lots of tattoos.

A trainer who came to my house every single day and made me go on runs.

An in home gym for the trainer to kick my ass with.

Lots and lots of Whole Foods grocery shopping.

And only organic chicken and meats for my boys. A new bed. A really nice one. Double sided. Pillow top on both sides. None of that memory foam crap.

With a bed frame.

4 new pairs of sheets. Two luxurious pairs of Hotel Collection 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and two pairs of super yummy flannel.

A feather bed and feather duvet for my new bed.

And my new sheets would be deep enough to fit over the mattress and feather bed and NOT RIP.

More tattoos.

Codi would get a new queen size bed like Brandon. Both boys would get a bed frame with cute headboards.

We would all have those custom closet organizers.

The house cleaner would come weekly.

I would so have my boobs lifted.

After the trainer worked his magic I would probably have a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin by my C-section scar.

Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.


A $3,000.00 Starbucks card.

Pedicures weekly.

An iPad2, and one for each kid.

A new iMac and one for each boy, to go in their bedroom on the new desks they will each have (their bedrooms in the dream house are even bigger then they are now wahoo).


**Husband would have his own half to do stuff with that is why I’m not buying him anything.


Please tell me in your dream land what would your totally unnecessary frivolous purchases be?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jun. 3, 2011


Jun. 03 2011
Mom said…
Can you give me some cash too. You can pay off my house but Id like some cash too. If I win Ill give you some ok.
Jun. 08 2011
Patty said…
I'd buy an apartment in the city by the park of course. Never work again and then go travel the world!
Jun. 13 2011
twisterfish said…
A maid DAILY. Actually, 2 of them. One to follow my husband around and clean up after him, which is what takes up most of my day. And one for the rest of the house. Love the $3000 Starbucks card! If I do win the lottery I'm doing that first thing!


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