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Five things I am ashamed of today

1. I follow Jusin Bieber on Twitter.

2. I don't care that I am 13 years older then him I have a pretty large crush on him.

3. I cried TWICE watching Toy Story 3.

4. I hate packing lunches in the morning.  HATE IT.  I do it but I loathe it!

5. I am still upset about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth breaking up.  To be honest I'm a little devistated, I had high hopes for those two.

(Sadly I could have posted more then 5 things, and they could have all had to do with Justin Bieber....I have issues)


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on May. 19, 2011


May. 19 2011
Jessa @DoxieNoodle said…
I cried a bunch of times when I watch Toy Story 3. It was a great ending to the whole trilogy. As for Justin Bieber? Really Shannon? I'm ashamed of you. LOL
May. 19 2011
Misguided Mommy said…
Jess...just watch the movie you will fall in love too!
May. 19 2011
Ronnica said…
If I don't pack my lunch at night, it's not going to be packed at all.
May. 20 2011
ramblin red said…
I too hate packing lunches in the morning - but I mostly do it.
May. 23 2011
sunshine said…
JB?? Really?? That is too funny! I love this post. May have to borrow this.
May. 26 2011
Clutterholic said…
I'm ashamed that I know Liam visited Miley in South America this week and she tweeted she was with her boooooooo.
May. 30 2011
kristi said…
I cried at Toy Story 3 as well. Miley Cyrus..blah. HATE her and her whiney ass voice. Sorry! :(


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