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Post It Note Tuesday

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posted on Apr. 26, 2011


Apr. 26 2011
Patty said…
99 DAYS! YAY! That's all! WooHoo! Can't wait :) Stop eating things with a PIT, I know their delicious but your tummy can't handle them.
Apr. 26 2011
Ginger said…
Ummm, first of all, why have I never gotten a countdown graphic on your blog??? Also, why are your fig cookies hurting you? They aren't stone fruit...maybe you just ate too many of them!
Apr. 26 2011
Kristin_OPC said…
I totally need to book my BlogHer airfare. They were ungodly expensive last I looked. :(
Apr. 28 2011
Jessa said…
Definitely don't forget the socks. ;) I've been avoiding scheduling that visit. I can't get into the mindset that the doc who takes care of my kids strep throat is going to see the lady bits down under. KWIM?


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