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posted on Apr. 19, 2011


Apr. 19 2011
Kim said…
You need to make sure your sports bra has NO cotton in it. I made the mistake of wearing one with just a wee bit of cotton. Big NO NO. Target has great sports bras for a reasonable price with NO COTTON.
Apr. 19 2011
Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said…
I always push through injuries, too. And my husband always tells me not too - he's worried that I'll get injured!
Apr. 20 2011
Liz said…
My sister just ran the Boston Marathon with an injury. She would not recommend that. You should rest at least for a few days.
Apr. 21 2011
Pinta said…
Boob sweat sucks, try Anti-Monkey Butt powder. It's the BOMB
Apr. 21 2011
Roadkill said…
Anti-Monkey Butt powder I had to look that one up. Way to funny what people will do to make money http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/
Apr. 21 2011
Misguided Mommy said…
Thanks mom I was just going to google that to see what it was.
Apr. 21 2011
Pinta said…
No really it works, it's a calamine powder and doesn't act like sandpaper. I swear it is like $5 a bottle but well worth it. I use it every single day and refresh mid-day in summer.


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