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posted on Mar. 22, 2011


Mar. 22 2011
ChristiS said…
I gave up French Fries for Lent, and I think it is the longest I've ever been without eating them! I don't struggle except when I am doing 'cafeteria duty' 2 days a week at one of my schools and I see the kids throwing them away...and that makes me want to scream!!
Mar. 22 2011
Michelle said…
Hmm, I'm pretty sure the solution for my knees and ankles was buying better shoes that worked for the way I ran. Hey, it involves shopping, right?
Mar. 24 2011
Lainey-Paney said…
I've heard that overuse of joints causes arthritis. (this is in response to your running post-its.) I'm just doin' my part to prevent future joint replacements by trying to remain as still as possible & refrain from running...anywhere. ....yeah, it could be that. Or I could just be lazy.
Mar. 24 2011
Heather said…
Running - make sure you at least roll your ankles in circles before you run so they get a little warmed up. More importantly - beans - Puree northern white beans (cannellis) and season the everylovin'stuffin' out of it and you can use it as a white sauce. That is actually the white goop for veggie pot pies for my vegan husband. :)
Mar. 24 2011
Marni said…
Yo!! You crack me up. I voted for you on PFB today! ; ) I have decided I am just going to save your link in my address bar too and vote daily.


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