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How exactly do you choose the right underware for running....and other things

Today's underwear are already creeping up my ass & Wednesdays undies were no better.  How exactly do you pick comfy undies for running?

At what point do you say that is far enough.  I've only been running two weeks and I'm attempting to run 3.4 miles today.  That is far (to me) but am I pushing it too far?  Should I be running this far this fast and Sunday am I supposed to aim for 4 miles?  At what point do you stop upping your distance?

I'm afraid of hills...there is a teeny hill today AM SCARED.

When does this shit stop hurting?

I want to enter a race....am I ready for that.

I like tight fitting running pants (ie spandex leggings type) rather then yoga type pants...makes a huge difference.

I smell like a trucker after I run. So imagine how I will smell today after wearing the same running pants twice...I accidentally grabbed the already worn ones instead of the clean ones.  Is there a smell worse then a trucker????  That will be me in an hour.

I'm going running right now...in 20ish mph winds...no one is here at work.  Who is going to catch me when I blow away?


**Update**  Went and ran 3.3 miles. Underwear were fine.  It appears they only bother me while I'm sitting at my desk.  So I finally have one pair of running approved panties YAY ME.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 18, 2011


Mar. 18 2011
Ginger said…
I bet that's why all the running shorts I see in stores always have those built in weird mesh brief things in them...so you don't have to worry about what panties to wear...that's things always creeped me out.
Mar. 18 2011
Mom said…
Just do like me and don't wear any.
Mar. 22 2011
Aimee said…
I hate my underwear whenever I work out! Nothing is sexier then picking a wedge while Zumba --- or running with my hand up my ass fishing that none forgiving cotton out! Btw I too smell like a trucker


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