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I ran..outside...and I didn't even combust

I've always said I don't like running outside.  I also said I don't like running on treadmills.  Maybe I should have just said I DON'T LIKE RUNNING.  I've played with running on the treadmill at the gym, but the gym is far and I don't run enough so..meh, I'm not gonna be a runner.  My husband on the other hand IS A RUNNER.  I have to admit it's bothered me.  He runs in races and events and I...don't run.  The obvious solution would be to start running.

So I did.



It wasn't bad.  I ran one mile exactly the first day.  I had to figure out my pace first which was a little odd, I'm used to punching a number in on the treadmill and then trying to keep up.  I used the RunKeeper Pro ap on my phone and 12 minutes later I was back. 

12 minutes....

I thought about it and, well, 12 minutes is NOTHING.  It was barely a work out.  I was frustrated.  Then I realized I JUST RAN A MILE OUTSIDE and I wasn't frustrated anymore.  Not to mention my husband totally got all misty eyed when he read that I ran.  I came home and noticed that Jessa was doing the C25K program.  I noticed because THERE IS AN AP FOR THAT.  If there is an ap I'm all for it.  The next day I set to work doing day one week one of C25K.  I failed.  I ran almost the whole time instead of walking.  I made it 1.78 miles. I was annoyed that I couldn't follow the program but then I realized I RAN 1.78 miles and I don't need an ap to tell me to "Run" (in annoying english female voice).  So I think I'll stick to my RunKeeper Pro ap and just run until it hurts.

I'm also eating a little better.  If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed my random food posts. I figure if I have to tell people I might choose a little better what I eat.  

My husband has also decided to be vegetarian for Lent.  Last night I made him a portobello mushroom burger.  That wasn't the good part.  The good part was the garlic mayo I made and put on it.  He kept raving about and I was getting pissed because I wanted some.  Then I realized IT'S VEGETARIAN I CAN EAT WHAT HE EATS FOR 40 DAYS and I took a bite.  It was pretty fucking delicious.  There is something to be said for homemade garlic mayo.  

I have the stair climb coming up next month too so while catering the other night I chose to use the stairs the whole time instead of the elevator.  That plus the 1.78 mile run and I was limping yesterday.  Mental note: buy better shoes for catering. 

That is about all that is going on with me. Pretty boring.  Hence the lack of posts.  Here let me fill it with pictures!


What I've been dealing with lately...thank gosh it's been gone for almost 3 days.


My geek boys.


I'm a sell out...I totally bought it just because Miley was in it.


My Tulips better bloom....this snow is pissing them off.


My handsome lil man


I love a man with dishpan hands....and those arms.


My food lately


Sickie here at work with me today

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 11, 2011


Mar. 14 2011
Patty said…
Very proud of you for running! :)
Mar. 15 2011
Robert Mateo said…
Not sure what you are talking about when you said I got misty eyed. Maybe you should stop making up stories or maybe I'll stop telling you things. You decide ;)


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