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Shannon vs. Husband...Lent

Okay readers settle another fight with the husband and I. This one has existed for nine years.  Here are the questions:

1.  During Lent is it acceptable to eat fish?

2.  If yes, why?  Is a fish not an animal like a cow?

3.  Are ramen noodles made with chicken stock considered eating meat? 


Please please please PLEASE settle this fight.  Then I will tell you who thinks what?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Feb. 21, 2011


Feb. 21 2011
Marni said…
Nooooo idea. BUT, a. I wanted to let you know I visited. b. I wanted you to know the first line in my reader pulled me in. c. HOLY SHIT! I opened my reader!! Lastly, I'll 'guess' that you can eat Ramen and fish.
Feb. 21 2011
NYCPatty said…
1. Yes because the reference is to red meat. 2. See above reason 3. No because you can eat white meat I'm religious and I believe in God but I never take any of these man made "church rules" seriously. Don't over think it!
Feb. 21 2011
ramblin red said…
It is crazy and arbitrary crap like this that has me grateful that I am not only Protestant, but of a sect that is far removed from Catholicism and man-made observances such as Lent. I have no freaking clue, but lean toward NYC Patty's answers just because they seem right, lol!
Feb. 22 2011
Mom said…
Lent is for bible thumping church ruling people. I say eat all the meat you want.
Feb. 22 2011
saly said…
I'm afraid to answer you lest you email me another great big "Fuck You". But here you have it: Fish is ok. It has something to do with jesus and the fish he multiplied for the people or some shit. I had a frieend in high school who believed it was ok to eat chicken on Friday because 'poultry isn't meat'. The good thing about being catholic is that you basically do what you want even though you know what the rules are. You just feel guilty about it later. Did you know you're supposed to fast all day on good Friday? Or. That when you give something up for lent it's supposed to be something you give up for life?
Feb. 22 2011
Anonymous said…
Man made rules....who do people think made the bible? Hmmm...man. It's supposedly the word of the Lord. If anyone thinks that "man" wrote down word for word what the Lord said into the bible and never changed it up even a little, is just plain naive. Every religion has evolved in some way or another to benefit themselves. I feel that Lent is a man made rule to try to test how much faith someone has in God to give them strength through a hard time. Man made, fine. Misguided, there's really two things in life that are for sure to start an arguement/debate, religion and politics.
Feb. 22 2011
Zube said…
I gave up being Catholic for Lent a long time ago and forgot to keep track of when Lent was over! I've been in Recovery ever since! On a more serious note, I'm pretty sure NYCPatty is spot on.
Feb. 22 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
1. I can't really answer, I'm not Catholic so I don't know the history behind it, maybe my husband does. 2. Not sure, but anything that lives and breathes and bleeds is an animal to me. 3. Chicken stock is made from a chicken, it's meat!
Feb. 25 2011
Jacki said…
chicken stock in ramen may not actually be "chicken." It may just be artificial flavoring.


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