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posted on Feb. 1, 2011


Feb. 01 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
Cool! About the Starbucks app. Not for android yet though. :( Just iphone and blackberry and I traded in my blackberry. I'm still working on Anna Karenina. I'm reading another book at the same time and just ordered two more books. But it's interesting so far. :) I'm gonna go join your fanpage!
Feb. 01 2011
Jen said…
1. Where the hell is this Facebook link? 2. Have you read: The Help, The Glass Castle, Unbearable Lightness a Story of Loss and Gain, Unwind, The Hunger Games, She's Come Undone...? All great ones I've read this year. 3. I like post its...
Feb. 02 2011
Kris H. said…
You MUST MUST MUST read the Hunger Games trilogy! I am about halfway done with the last one, and I am PISSED that I have to be at work today instead of curled up in bed reading!


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