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posted on Jan. 31, 2011


Jan. 31 2011
ramblin red said…
See!!! I knew that they made one like that - and yes, it is for both the OCD'rs and the functionalists alike! BTW, which side were you???
Feb. 01 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
Now that's more like it! Whoo hoo!
Feb. 01 2011
NYCPatty said…
So that means YOU won right?
Feb. 01 2011
Jen said…
Thank God
Feb. 04 2011
Robert Mateo said…
I was the one that needed the label to be right side up, go figure. I told her about this ketchup because I knew that her Grandma had one. We just go through a lot of ketchup between the boy and I, that's why we bought the big one last time.


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