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Video blog Shannon vs. Husband Please vote

Okay, so go ahead and vote, who is right?  Me or my husband?



Shannon vs. Husband take a vote from wilddreemer on Vimeo.

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posted on Jan. 15, 2011


Jan. 15 2011
ramblin red said…
Well.... I say.... That if you're uncool for putting your hands up (in any form) during Miley's Party in the USA, so is the entire Colorado Rockies team, and all of the thousands of fans, including myself, who raised the roof every time Troy Tulowitzki was at bat last year.... I mean...we're generally pretty white, which means not a lot of rhythm, but in terms of popularity.... I say: COOL. Duh!
Jan. 15 2011
Sarah Lynn said…
hahaha! I love this video blog!!!! :-D You are AWESOME! If you're into the song and feeling the music then I think you have every right to 'raise the roof' hehe. And if he doesn't appreciate your white girl rhythm, hehe his loss! Plus I totally love that you keep raising your hands to piss him off, sounds like something I'd do to my husband. :-p Unfortunately my husband does not like Miley's music- he will tolerate me listening to it in the car- but one time I made him endure a 2 hour road trip with just Miley Cyrus songs, just because I love him sooooo much. heheheh! :-D
Jan. 15 2011
NYCPatty said…
You are so adorable! I love the VLOG! Ok I'm going to break it down: Miley? Still? I'll never get it but I love you and hate Miley. That one song is tolerable but that's it. Yes you put your hands up during a song...what else are you supposed to do?! I've been doing it since I was in high school and even now when the song calls for it. I'm in my 30s...yes its still cool. Move #2 is ok and ties into the whole "white girl rhythm" which I always enjoy seeing when I'm out. Move #3 I don't remember at all. It is a move from my Zumba class. In conclusions...you're cool! I vote for you!
Jan. 15 2011
Jess said…
hey girl!!! i'm Jess my cousin Sarah (Sarah Lynn up there ^^ haha) sent me the link to this video and told me it was so funny i had to watch it and vote ;) and you are completely 100% RIGHT. and if he doesn't believe you, make him watch the music video (you can find it on youtube!!!) cuz there are several times in the video Miley and her back up dancers all raise the roof lol! theres a little fist pumping action too if you wanna throw that in next time just to REALLY drive him crazy!!! and there's nothing wrong with liking Miley i'm in my 20's and a mom and all my friends listen and rock out to that song as well with some pretty awesome car dancing!
Jan. 16 2011
kristi said…
Girrrl please. My hubby is an old man too and you are totally right!
Jan. 16 2011
Lisa said…
Well duh I am gonna go with totally awesome! Of course your supposed to put your hands up! If Rob wants a chance of getting any votes maybe he should post a video on how he dances to his Miley mix.
Jan. 16 2011
steph said…
hahaha this cracked me up! and, totally cool. me and my hubby were listening to that and spontaneously BOTH did basically the same dance you did so, I'll vote for him and say he thinks you're right/cool too:)
Jan. 16 2011
jacki said…
Love it when you started your dance demo. Would love to see more of your moves! I do the same thing in the car when I hear some fun music while Mr. Hubbs laugh at me. Girl, you're not alone doing the "raise the roof" thing. I do it too especially when the singer says to raise our hands or shake whatever LOL. I'm not into Miley but so into Britney. It brings out the "teen" in me though I'm just a few years shy to being 30.
Jan. 16 2011
Robert Mateo said…
Words can't explain how much I am proud to be your husband. Man I love you.
Jan. 16 2011
Marni said…
First of all, you are more adorable in 'person' than I even expected. Second, you and your husband are adorable as heck. I love hearing about you two. You are so right, you HAVE to put your hands up!!
Jan. 16 2011
Robert Mateo said…
Ok. So, there is a big difference between putting your hands in the air and raising the roof. If Miley said, raise the roof then it wouldn't be bad. And Lisa, gangstas don't dance, we boogie.
Jan. 19 2011
Heather Martinez said…
Obviously, you are AWESOME! Tell Rob to stop acting like a geri. :o)


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