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I understand now why I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

My doctors gave me a few diagnos. 

Bi polar

Border line personality disorder

Manic depressive.

The list goes on.

The girls in my office first started laughing at me when I signed three checks on three different day and every signature was different.  One was perfect old school cursive, one was unreadable scribble, and one contained 3 whole letters.  They told me I should take it to my doctor just so he could laugh at me.  In fact they copied them all and wrote on the top, "who am I today."

There are more ways this is evident. 


My choices in books.  I don't have a genre, a theme, a style of book.  I mean who can come home from a book store with books about the Rolling stones, a Golden Girl, and a classic book written hundreds of years ago?

This became more obvious going through my CD case.  Here are some samples of my high school CD case.  Now you tell me if I have some kind of personality disorder.


Leann Rimes

George Strait

Garth Brooks



Tom Petty

Britney Spears


Insane Clown Posse (the real one not the gay little faggot wanna be kids)

Phil Collins









Too Short

Jerry Garcia

Old Dirty Bastard

Blink 182


Mazzy Star

Joe Cocker

LIl Kim

Alice DJ

Master P

Unwritten Law (barely known but a must listen too)

Trippin Daisy

Cat Stevens

And I am embarrassed to admit I own the 'Detachable Penis song"

The list goes on and on.  I swear, I have musical personality for every day of the year.  Everything is that way.  The shows I watch.  The clothes I wear.  The shoes in my closet.  The men I've dated.  The friends I have.  Borederline personality disorder is probably the most on point diagnosis of them all.  What do you think?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Nov. 28, 2010


Nov. 28 2010
Alice said…
Let's call it "well rounded."
Nov. 28 2010
Niki said…
I like it, well rounded. That sounds perfect!
Nov. 30 2010
Nichoel Menicucci said…
Well rounded is definitely the best way to describe you my dear :)
Nov. 30 2010
Just Jiff said…
Um, your music collection sounds like ours. And neither Joe nor I are considered any of the diagnoses you listed. Just means you don't pigeon hole yourself. :)


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