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Flat out

I am the queen of flat tires.  I have had a flat on every one of the five cars I've owned.  Once I managed to have two flats at the same time.  Last night leaving the store I felt like my view was a little off.  Sure enough I had a completely flat fucking tire.  I had to call Rob who had to drive to the store and sit in the freezing cold replacing my stupid ass tire.  All of our groceries were in my car which means all of his ice cream melted.  I don't know what I've done.  It's like I have some kind of bad tire karma.

One time my tire literally FELL OFF MY CAR!!!  I was pulling out of work and BAMN my tire fell off and my Tahoe that was lifted an extra 6" crashed into the ground.  Scared the holy shit out of me.  Imagine if I had been on the freeway.  But really how does a tire just FALL OFF YOUR CAR?  

I think I should stick to walking from here to there because clearly tires aren't my thing.


Up next, my total irritation with the end of the movie Letters To Juliet, they really need to re film it with my ending.  And yes it will spoil the movie.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Nov. 18, 2010


Nov. 19 2010
steph said…
um, I had no idea tires could FALL OFF
Nov. 28 2010
kristi said…
OMG that is crazy!


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