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The infamous 100 list is coming tonight, in the mean time

How pathetic is this for a Lego Land season pass photo?


And I'm a firm believer that every woman should have at least two pairs of fancy shoes in their closet that they know they will only wear one time.  Because no matter how bad of a day your having going into your closet and putting those shoes on, walking around your room and making a pit stop in the mirror ALWAYS makes you feel better.  Meet my newest feel better / most awesome shoes ever.


It's weird going out with your mom and having her look as young as you...


For my 29th birthday my husband took me rollerskating. Thinking I was a bad ass I tried to play red light green light.  My ass and back still hurt from how hard I crashed. (Mental note, am not 13 anymore, do not try and play kid games on rolling death traps)

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Nov. 9, 2010


Nov. 09 2010
Marni said…
I am totally looking forward to your 100 list. That sad face is HILARIOUS!! I LOVE those shoes and so wish I could wear heels. :( Waa waa.. Yeah for hot mama's! You're lucky you could do that shit at 13. I could never skate without falling on my fat ass, and well, it's not as padded as the damn thing might look. Hmph.
Nov. 09 2010
*~Sarah Lynn~* said…
LOVE your shoes! Heels kill my knees though. :( Hehe looks like you had a fun bday too skating! I haven't done that in years!
Nov. 09 2010
Rachael said…
Those might be the most awesome shoes I have EVER seen.
Nov. 10 2010
Nikki said…
Nov. 10 2010
Just Jiff said…
Love the shoes. Wish I had the personality to pull them off. LOL. Pretty pitiful Legoland pass photo, indeed. You'd think he'd be pumped. Guess not. lol Aaaand...love that you went rollerskating for your birthday! Next time try iceskating. LMAO


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