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You know you are old when....



A present from your parents like this makes you really really REALLY excited.


Yes.  I knew I was old the second I realized I wanted to do cartwheels over a new washer and dryer.  No more moldy smelling washer or non dry clothes.  This thing is big enough to fit both of my kids in.  The dryer has one of those shelf thingies in it so I can steam things OR!!!!!!! I can put my shoes on the rack and dry them with out them clunk clunking all over my washer.

I am so old. 

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Oct. 30, 2010


Oct. 30 2010
Lainey-Paney said…
WTH!? Your parents clearly give the BEST gifts. Do they want to adopt some Texans???
Oct. 30 2010
Rachael said…
I know I am old because... JEALOUS!
Oct. 31 2010
Sarah Lynn said…
WOW Awesome! Seriously anything new and shiny gets me excited! hahaha! I want a new blender!
Oct. 31 2010
jodifur said…
All i want in life is a new washer in dryer. Mine are about 30 years old. I'm not kidding. But they still work and my husband doesn't want to replace them b/c they still work. JEALOUS.
Nov. 02 2010
christy said…
I hope you realize how incredibly lucky you are. Your mother is so generous! I am jealous.
Nov. 02 2010
Marni said…
Um, I am so totally old too and jealous. Yes. Very jealous.
Nov. 02 2010
Stef said…
Dang, I would be elated if I received one of those bad boys as a gift. The things we get excited about as we get older.


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