Tales of a Misguided Mommy

So how was your weekend

I call this the moment before the OH SHITTTTTTTTTTTT!

 Monterey CA & Carmel CA

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Aug. 29, 2010


Aug. 29 2010
Sarah Lynn said…
Looks like a great time!
Aug. 29 2010
lucinda! said…
so glad to see you with a smile on your face! it looks like you really enjoyed yourself and the hubby too!
Aug. 30 2010
ramblin red said…
Looks like bliss....I'm so jealous!
Aug. 31 2010
Patty @NYC Girl at Heart said…
I'm so glad that you were able to getaway with your husband! It's great to see you smile! love U & Miss U!


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