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The most genius thing I ever learned

When I first got my iPhone I excitedly posted my first blog post from it while going pee in a restaurant bathroom.  It went something like, "I hate waiting in fucking lines at restaurants."

The only problem is, it came out as, "I hate waiting in DUCKING lines at restaurants."

Jodifur commented and told me I needed to teach my iPhone to cuss.

Two years later and the fucking thing still wouldn't type, shit, fuck, piss, fucker, hell, etc.

While browsing comments on the new iPhone software I came along the most brilliant comment on the planet.

I learned how to make my phone cuss.  You see, your phone will never auto correct the names that are in your contact list.  Meaning if you have a friend with the name Hipitabano your phone will never correct that word when you type it. 

Which is why I now have a contact named FUCK SHIT. 

Guess what?  My phone has never corrected the word shit again.  No more shit turning to shot.  Nope not here.  I am planning on adding the following contacts.

Fucking asshole.  Piss Pissed.  Fucker shitty.  Fucked shitty and Cunt bitch.

Pretty fucking genius if I do say so myself.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jul. 9, 2010


Jul. 10 2010
Sarah Lynn said…
Ah now see... my Blackberry didn't have a problem learning how to cuss. :-p
Jul. 10 2010
Heidi said…
Just make sure they aren't under your in case of emergency people. lol
Jul. 11 2010
lucinda! said…
fantastico! i love that you have to do this. only you Miss Shannon :0) only you.
Jul. 11 2010
nycgirl0501 said…
Yeah that happened to me too. I think my first tweet was supposed to be "Good Morning Tweeps" but it autocorrected to "Good Morning Twerps" LOL! I didn't see it at first but then I had to go delete that message. No wonder no one Tweeted my back that day! LOL!
Jul. 11 2010
coffee slut said…
I think I know that cunt bitch .....just sayin
Jul. 12 2010
Lainey-Paney said…
you silly girl!
Jul. 12 2010
Jessa said…
That's awesome! I don't think the iPod Touch corrects swear words.
Jul. 15 2010
Humor Girl said…
Hhahaha... that is BRILLIANT
Jul. 26 2010
Mrs. F said…
Holy mother of Jeezuz, that is goddam GENIUS!!!!!


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