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Things I do that really annoy my husband

He will put a fresh hand/dish towel on the counter, and with out fail I will immedietly use it to wipe up some kind of spill and then put it back.  Drives him NUTS.

I never flush the toilet when I pee at night (unless it's my girl time of the month) because for some reason toilet flushing at night scares the fuck out of me.  He huffs and puffs at me every morning.

Say something just as he was thinking it.  He always tells me to get out of his head.  I think it's hilarious.

Britney reminded me of this one, I clip my toenails on the couch.  It drives him batshit crazy because he clips his toenails outside.  Psh, I'm not freezing my ass off for that. 

I leave about 17 episodes of Oprah and 42 episodes of Rachel Ray.  He gives me nasty looks every time he scrolls through the DVR.

I use the kitchen island as a desk/dumping ground/mail center.  Basically when I walk in the house most everything ends up on the island.

I am terrible at putting my laundry away.  He runs around and puts his laundry away the second it's folded.  Me, I just stare at it for a while and will it to get put away.

I giggle at the gym.

I pile blankets on the boys at night even though I'm well aware that they both kick them off and sweat.

I crank the heater up to 72 if I get a little bit cold while he sweats and melts.  

I complain allll night long about the noise the fan makes in the summer when it is 90 degrees outside, eventually making him turning it off.

I leave stuff in his car every single time I drive it.  

My car is always messy.

The list goes on and on.  What do you do to drive your spouse nuts?

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 23, 2010


Apr. 23 2010
Mom said…
You have a septic tank you shouldn’t flush every time you pee in the night. It adds to much water to it that will saturate the ground around the leach line. If it gets to wet it wont drain then your shit wont go down and you will have to replace the leach line. Baby whips don’t go in the toilet either. Silly City Boy
Apr. 23 2010
Robert Mateo said…
Yeah the baby wipes prolly happened about a month or so ago. And she just doesn't just not flush the toilet in the night. It happens in the morning and stays in there all day until I go in there for a shower therefore making a freshly cleaned toilet pee stained within two days. And I'll let you guess who cleans the toilets, no you don't even have to guess, you already know.
Apr. 23 2010
Just Jiff said…
I breathe.
Apr. 23 2010
Sarah said…
This is the best topic ever, hahaha! 1) I leave half-filled water glasses EVERYWHERE. (have you ever seen the movie Signs? I am that little girl that can't drink water after it's sat out, and I can't rinse out a used glass and re-use it, so I leave glasses everwhere, all the time). 2) I get verbally lazy and say "that thing" instead of the actual word. For example, "Babe? Will you hand me that thing over there?" he says, "What thing?" I say, "Ugh, that thing! Over there on the black thing!" 3) I never bring in all the mail, I only look through it to pick out whatever I want, then I leave the rest in a giant, growing pile for whenever I feel like getting to it (which is usually never). 4) Every time he talks on the phone, I ask who he was talking to. He thinks it's none of my business, and I think that's crap! Of course it's my business! :) 5) I pick at my toenails (super gross, I know) on the couch, and if he finds the occasional stray he flips out. 6) I am super ultra OCD about some stuff, and that drive him crazy. Example 1, the paper towels have to be put on the holder with the last towel hanging over the top, not underneath. Example 2, every night before I get into bed I have to straighten out the sheet, covers and pillows or I can't sleep. 7) I put my cold-ass feet on him when I get into bed. 8) I don't sent my E-brake in my truck. 9) I adjust his rearview mirror in his truck when I drive because I'm shorter than him, but don't adjust it back. 10) I collect cook books and magazines, but rarely use them, and never want to get rid of them. (In theory I loooove to cook but I hate the obligation during the week, so I rarely cook any more. But I do like fantasizing about all the delicious meals I could make if I wanted to!) My list could also go on and on and on... and on and on and on... hehehe...
Apr. 23 2010
Mom said…
So nice to see you leave a comment I just asked Shannon the other day how come you didn't comment any more. Can you teach Kirk to cleans toilets. Better for you to clean the toilets then have to spend lots of money to dig up a leach line.
Apr. 23 2010
Heidi said…
Bc I know it annoys you - he's my bf, not spouse. ;) It drives him nuts that I can't make a decision. I am so wishy washy esp at restaurants.
Apr. 24 2010
Jeremy Aragon said…
I interrupt her every time we have a normal convo which turns the normal convo into a normal fight...d'oh!
Apr. 24 2010
cakerwakers said…
I never put lids on jars. Instead of screwing them on, just just kind of sit the lid on top. I have no idea why I do this, but it annoys the crap out of John.
Apr. 24 2010
nellie said…
Ha! A messy car and using the table as my dumping ground are both something I do! He also hates when he does the dishes and then 2 seconds later I use a cup and there is now a dirty dish on the counter, god for bid... it's like if he's cleaned something NO ONE can make it a mess again until at least tomorrow! :) Whatev.


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