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I don't see this coming to an end

As I've mentioned before Rob and I have this stupid deal going.  Until I reach my goal weight I cannot have anything carbonated and he can not have any food that comes from a drive through.  We both go through periods of hardship but his is the worst when he sees KFC.  This is yesterdays conversation, I don't forsee an end to this deal unless I magically lose 30 pounds huh?

Rob: Crap.  Just seen a commercial for kfc.  They have pink buckets that money goes to breast cancer.

Shannon: It's a sign

Rob: I feel I should do my part

Shannon: For sure

Rob: Lol, K. Seriously.  We should do it like once a month type thing? What you think?

Shannon: Ok

Rob: Seriously...When do you want to start

Shannon: I don't care, as long as the record shows it is because you gave in first

Rob: Oh hellllllllll no. I'm good. Nevermind.


This is never going to end is it?  Him and his stupid pride.  To all of my local friends from now on when you come to my house if you could please show up with a bucket of KFC hot wings and eat them right in front of him!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Apr. 15, 2010


Apr. 15 2010
Ginger said…
I am soooo going to do this just to drive him bonkers!
Apr. 15 2010
Sarah Lynn said…
Hehehehe! Love it!
Apr. 16 2010
Just Jiff said…
My comment didn't post. :( Anyway, thought this was hilarious!
Apr. 16 2010
nycgirl0501 said…
Ok so what the hell is about that commercial that has everyone running for the KFC. It must be because they imply you will help Breast Cancer. Whatever! I will make a donation to the Komen foundation but I will NOT but a stupid pink bucket. Even though I want to so bad. Damn marketing! Anyway Rob crack me up. Good strategy babe! If he cracks first get that on paper! LOL!
Apr. 17 2010
Heidi said…
Wow I don't even know what to say. That's crazy cruel and yet, I feel it may very well work. Huh, who knew? :)
Apr. 17 2010
Robert Mateo said…
Naw, I'm pretty hard to crack. I may...may, do a duel crack but we would have to eat a bite of food and take a drink at the same time. But the best would be Shannon just reaching her goal weight. Maybe with her new kicks that she got she will run farther and faster!!
Apr. 17 2010
Robert Mateo said…
For those who don't know me, I just don't like giving up. Yes babe I am proud. Sorry, good thing or bad?


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