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posted on Apr. 13, 2010


Apr. 13 2010
Sarah Lynn said…
Damn, I've never been on a stairmaster, but I'm sure it would kick my butt too! I just back to the treadmill last week. :-) Feeling good! And can switch your USPS man for the UPS man- our UPS man throws our packages onto the porch because he's too lazy to walk around to the side steps on the porch!
Apr. 13 2010
nycgirl0501 said…
I forgot about the post it notes. damm too late now I'm watching LOST and have no idea what is going on...my head hurts. 6 minutes...is he for real? It would take me six minutes to think about climbing 40 flights. You rick for doing it in 11!
Apr. 14 2010
hobbychanger said…
Sorry I've been incognito---wedding planning and moving to a new! giant! house! = little computer time! I still think you're awesome (not shitty! muah!)


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