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My ass can't climb those stairs alone

Don't forget I am doing the 2010 Fight for Air Climb.  I need donations people.  There seems to be some confusion on the donation end.  I am not asking for a $72.00 donation.  I am asking for $2.00 for every flight you think I can make.  If you think I can make 3 flights then gimmie $6.00.  Or, if you want to just make a general donation you can do that too.  Any amount will help.  Even if you can donate a small amount still make sure to leave me a comment and tell me how far you think I will make it.  I'm aiming for the full 36 flights but then I remember doing the stairmaster a few weeks back and I think, maybe 6 flights sounds more reasonable.  Kidding, kidding, I will make it to the top.

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Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Mar. 30, 2010


Mar. 31 2010
Christine Whitmarsh said…
We'll drag each other up together! No worries and thanks again for inviting me onto your team. I'm already in training. :)


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