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To clarify for Angie

Angie and I were chatting tonight and I feel the need to clarify. I don't swallow the shit I cough up simply because I'm to much of a lady to hock a loogie I REALLY REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW. I physically can not do it. Instead I make a weird gagging choking noise and then swallow the junk in defeat. I assume, it is because I was too much of a lady back in the day to figure it out. Either way it drives me goddamn bonkers!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 5, 2009


Jan. 05 2009
Jayla'sMommy said…
Haha I do the same thing and Jarret always says that that's way more disgusting than spitting it out...
Jan. 05 2009
angie said…
Hahaha...I mean it's funny to us, but I actually feel really sad for you because having to swallow that stuff is way nasty!! But like I said...I'm not sure how one would go about teaching you to hock a loogie now.


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