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Where did you get that dish

I have gotten a few questions regarding the baking dish I posted below.  It is by BIA Bakeware and it is part of their wavy collection.


I have it in three sizes, the 86-Ounce Oval Baker,The 3-Quart Rectangle Baker, and the 52-Ounce Square Baker, pictured above.  They can all be found on Amazon.com.  I Googled around and I saw that Target sells them in the kind of ivory color, so you might check your Target.  Here is where you get pissed off at me though.  I found mine at Ross for only $7.00 each.  Maybe it was an older season color or something.  He he.  Oops. Sorry.  Either way, they are easy to find so get on it!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Feb. 24, 2010


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