Tales of a Misguided Mommy

My mom asked me to update you all on the boys

And this about sums up how they are doing

Brandon was trying to tell me he needed his nails clipped, Codi was just being cute


oh and

Codi is still afraid of the vacuum


Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 12, 2010


Jan. 12 2010
Mom said…
That's it that's the best you can do. How about that Codi is now 2 and you never did blog about it. What they got for Christmas Codi's really cool Home Depot tools and Brandon Legos. How Brandon likes to push kids at school and get in trouble. And all the cute pictures of them and you find one of them sucking there toes. Take your cough meds and go to sleep.
Jan. 12 2010
Julia said…
Cute LOL Jayla is TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner. Even more now after she accidentally stepped on it and turned it on. I've never seen her run so fast in her life LOL I agree with your mom though. More boy updates please! I miss your funny stories about Brandon and Codi!
Jan. 12 2010
Lisa said…
OMG - I am LMFAO!!!!!
Jan. 12 2010
Sabrina said…
Boys are weird and funny. I think I might be looking forward to having one of those.
Jan. 13 2010
Patty said…
LMAO! They are hysterical...and flexible! Feel better sweetie! Love ya!
Jan. 14 2010
Kat said…
Hilarious...your boys are so cute. I wish I was still so flexible...oh boy.
Jan. 16 2010
Liz said…
My three year chews on his toenails all the time! It's so gross but I totally have pictures of it! :)


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