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Thorn in my side

Or rather a rock in my shoe.  Have you ever been walking and felt a rock in your shoe?  Twice in the last seven days this has happened to me and TWICE I couldn't find the fucking rock.  Last week I had a rock in my gym shoe.  About the size of a half grain of rice.  I got on the treadmill hoping I would be able to ignore the rock.  I made it through the walk but when it was time to lift weights the rock was driving me nuts.  I sat down on a weight bench and took off my shoe.  I shook and shook and shook my shoe and nothing came out.  At that point I thought maybe there was no rock, my there was a thread or something out of place in my shoe.  I put it back on, took one step and there was the goddamn fucking rock.  So, I sat back down took off my shoe and shook and shook again.  This time I whacked the bottom of my shoe hoping maybe the rock was stuck and it would loosen.  Again no fucking rock.  I gave up and for three days that rock bothered me and then one day IT WAS JUST GONE! 

Enter today.  I put on my new Uggs and A ROCK.  I wanted to scream.  I took off my shoe, and shook it while walking.  I put it on and the rock was gone.  About ten steps later there was the asshole rock.  I repeated this sequence about 9 times before giving up and really banging my shoe against a wall.  No rock.  Then it occurred to me, my slippers are lined in fluffy furry type stuff meaning it's like a little breeding ground for a rock to hide.  No matter what I did I realized that rock wasn't going to come out.  NO It was going to play hide and seek with me.  I think the little rock is laughing at me now.

Does this ever happen to you?  Have you ever spent so much time searching for a rock you found yourself wondering if maybe you weren't just crazy and inventing a rock in your shoe.  Because right now, I am feeling a little like I feel an imaginary rock in my shoe while I walk.  And you guys, if I really am creating a imaginary rock in my shoe, well shit, I've gone crazier then I ever thought I was.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Jan. 10, 2010


Jan. 10 2010
niki said…
This totally made me think of the princess and the pea story. You crack me up!
Jan. 11 2010
Just Jiff said…
Have you pulled the sole of your shoe up to see if its stuck under there?
Jan. 12 2010
Patty said…
YES! There was a damn rock stuck underneath the damn shoe! It felt like it was inside and I couldn't find it! Ugh!


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