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I might be the only one brave enough to rock a New Moon hat on the way to the grocery store at 10am.

I have so much to say about Christmas.  SO SO MUCH.  But that is a huge post, so for now I will leave you with this.

I am moving out.


More to come later.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Dec. 27, 2009


Dec. 27 2009
Katie said…
Dec. 27 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
Oh.Um. Wow. I don't know what else to say here---in this very public place.
Dec. 27 2009
Heidi said…
Uhm . . . could you repeat that? I think I heard you wrong. N yes, I love the hat. But WTH???
Dec. 27 2009
Mom said…
Love the hat and you look so good
Dec. 27 2009
cakerwakers said…
You just moved in. I am completely and totally confused. More information please. NOW! GET BUSY WRITING WOMAN!
Dec. 28 2009
kristi said…
Dec. 28 2009
Just Jiff said…
WTF. You can't just leave us all hanging! I hope everything is okay. Apparently it's not, so if there is anything I can do from here, let me know. *HUGS*
Dec. 28 2009
Patty said…
I LOVE LOVE THE HAT!!! By any chance are you moving out my way! Fingers crossed!! Pretty please!
Dec. 28 2009
Sarah said…
Oh Shannon, my tummy is in total knots right now thinking about you... I'm sending you tons of good thoughts, and hope everything is okay. xoxo
Dec. 28 2009
hobbychanger said…
Holy crap! You know if you ever need someone to randomly bounce thoughts off of, you can email me!
Dec. 28 2009
ramblinred said…
Did. NOT. See. That coming....hoping the best for you and yours., that this move can help sort out whatever is wrong. (hugs)
Dec. 29 2009
Lindz said…
Girl what's going on!? I was just thinking of you the other day... I was looking for some recipes on your foodblog and am making the tortilla casserole tonight. Hope all is well, shoot me an email when you can. P.S. you look disgustingly good in that hat of yours.
Sep. 20 2010
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