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Finally someone else as demented as me

From the very first time I read the Twilight saga I have only  had one question.  Just ONE.  I've asked my friends who thought I was over thinking it, I asked my husband who didn't want to hear it, I pretty much asked everyone and they all thought I was wacko.  But then the other day, reading Kat's blog I found another person as demented as me. 

So now, since I'm not entirely worried you will all think I am...gross I will finally pose my question on here.


Helllllo massive amounts of blood.

Someone for the love of God tell me how Stephanie Meyer forgot to account for that!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Dec. 14, 2009


Dec. 14 2009
Caitlin U said…
I have never commented on here before, LOL. But I have seen this question! Around the time BD was released someone asked Stephenie the question at a reading or something and I read it somewhere....but she was rather annoyed with the question and said it wouldn't bother him because it is dead blood...or something, WTF. I always wondered too :)
Dec. 14 2009
Kat said…
Ha it feels great to know that there's a few more people out there, all having the same thought. And just like Rob, my husband didn't want to discuss this either. Men. What can you do?
Dec. 14 2009
steph said…
TOTALLY had the same thought.
Dec. 14 2009
Just Jiff said…
I thought it too!!! Thank goodness I'm not the only weirdo out there. :)
Dec. 14 2009
Kim said…
That was the best question ever! I never thought of that! Maybe that is why Jasper was always wanting to kill her! Oh my that is great!
Dec. 15 2009
Britt said…
Um... gross... I guess I'll just assume that no one, not even a vampire, wants to get up close and personal with period blood.
Dec. 16 2009
Sarah said…
Oh my god, I'm laughing my ass off! I never actually thought about this, but now that you brought it up, it does seem like a very valid question. Hehehe... valid, and funny...
Dec. 16 2009
Patty said…
The thought NEVER EVER crossed my mind until now. Thanks for that picture! LOL
Dec. 17 2009
nellie said…
Good. Very good. I never thought of that!
Dec. 21 2009
hobbychanger said…
Never thought of this before, but it is a good question. My guess--tampons?!?


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