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I know where I will be on our next shopping trip

This is the brand new shopping cart at Walmart

I saw it yesterday and was pretty stoked to take the boys shopping next time because that seat seemed so much more comfortable then the old ones.

Then I saw the following and thought...

Fuck it, I'm under the max, Honey looks like you'll be pushing mama around the grocery store next time!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Sep. 14, 2009


Sep. 14 2009
Just Jiff said…
LMAO!!!! Need to add that one to Walmart BINGO : Adult sitting in kid part of shopping cart. HEHEHE
Sep. 14 2009
Marni said…
Sep. 14 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
Awesome! My cousin once had too many long island iced teas and wanted me to push her in the shopping carts shaped like cars for kids, haha!
Sep. 14 2009
Lainey-Paney said…
That's it. I'm riding next time too. ************* The lunch sandwish sushi roll things: (1) How very bento of you!, (2) will you start making my lunch!?
Sep. 15 2009
Patty said…
Cool! I want to ride too! Why does this post remind me of an Old Navy cart? I forget what happened. Was that another one you really liked?
Sep. 15 2009
Mom said…
Yes Patty that was the one I wanted to steal in Vegas man I loved that cart. Shannon and her dad would not let me. I know I could have gotten it home on the plane some how. This one looks like only one of those skinny bitches could fit there ass on.


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