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Lunch box

I was browsing this blog last night.  This lady  makes the coolest little bento box lunches.  I am totally coveting those bento boxes.  I want them sooo bad but A: I can't afford one and B: my family would disown me if I got rid of Brandons Superman lunch box.  Anyway she was making all these mini kabob things for her kids.  Brandon has been getting kind of bored with his lunch so I decided to try it this morning.  He is on a hot dog kick right now (shut up they are 100% turkey meat, no ears and hooves) so I used those, string cheese and cheddar cheese.  I made him cute little kabobs.  I can't wait for him to see them today when he opens his lunch box.  This week when I visit the dollar store with Brandon I am going to look for some small cookie cutters.  I like how she cut mini sandwiches out and put them in the little tupperware, or made mini cheese shapes.  I'm glad I found her website, this is exactly what I needed to start sprucing up Brandons lunch box.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Sep. 9, 2009


Sep. 09 2009
Ben Wa Balls said…
... and this is why I don't have to surf blogs. I have YOU to find it all for me. hehe. THANKS!
Sep. 09 2009
hobbychanger said…
Um, can you pack my lunch for me? Cuz wow! You are AWESOME if you do that!
Sep. 11 2009
Diane Anderson said…
Do you mind sharing the website? My kid's lunches need all the help they can get!
Sep. 11 2009
Misguided Mommy said…
Diane Here are the links to all of her Bento lunches, just click on each bolded title http://cookingforslackers.com/categories/Bento.aspx and here are all of her lunch links http://cookingforslackers.com/categories/Lunch.aspx and here is one i can't wait to make next week, but with my kids favorite stuff http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/1388/sandwich+sushi
Mar. 26 2010
JimmieFloyd25 said…
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Sep. 22 2010
Eli said…
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