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No shit, it's the ziti

So three months later I post the ziti.  Here is the recipe.  Be warned, this is no fancy schmancy meal.  This is quick, cheap and easy food.  But it taste so fucking good.  And look y'all, I'm sharing this recipe with you on the condition that none of you mention anything about the excessive amount of cheese, I see my ass in the mirror every day, I'm totally aware of the cheese to noodle proportion.  So, go, eat, enjoy.

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Sep. 7, 2009


Sep. 08 2009
lucinda! said…
omg! i love ziti.quick,easy, super cheap and we eat on it for about 3 days. i love to put some pepperjack in it. yuuumm so good.
Sep. 08 2009
cakerwakers said…
This looks incredibly delicious. I am definitely going to try this one!


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