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Introducing the TRIPLE PLAY

For my husbands birthday I got tickets for us to go to a ball game here in Reno.  We had great seats and were having a great time.  Suddenly I hear everyone around me say OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?

Folks.  I'd like to introduce you to the TRIPLE PLAY.


Now.  I was trying to be sneaky taking this picture which is why the other half is already eaten.  Here is the situation. 

Three layers of Texas Toast.  Between the first section is BBQ Brisket.  The next layer is pulled pork with some coleslaw slopped on top.  On top is one of the biggest meatballs I've ever seen, followed by a pickle and a pepper.  They serve it with two forks.  Believe it or not, this guy and his little little daughter ate the whole damn thing.

PS.  It only cost $13.00


I think they call it that because after you eat it you would need a triple bipass!






I think we have a future ball player on our hands.



Today Brandon's school held a little carnival.  They had a bounce house and a giant water slide.  We all (murmaw, papa, Vickie, Andrea, Codi and myself) went to see Brandon.  Codi wanted to go down the slide, and in order to do that I had to catch him.  I was in a dress but it was short enough that I could get in and not get wet.  WRONG!  When the kids come down they make big splashes.  After Codi's second trip down, the teachers thought it would be funny to encourage me to go down the slide with Codi.  So.  I did.  Then I had to go with a little girl and then Brandon.  I was drenched.  The best part, was when his teachers called me the "fun mommy". 

The shit we do for our kids huh.

Oh yeah, my second time down I convinced Andrea to go too.  Please disregard the totally moronic look on my face.

I may have looked like a moron, but at least I wasn't riding a giant plastic dinosaur!

We took the boys to the library last week.  They were more interested in toys then books.  Also, Codi does not understand Shhhhhh we are in a library!

Love, Misguided Mommy

posted on Aug. 22, 2009


Aug. 22 2009
Mandy said…
That triple play thing looks disgusting & I'm 20 weeks pregnant lol! The only appealing thing is the pickle! It looks like giant stacks of chicken breasts not toast; lol! Congrats on being the fun mamma! Looks like a fun time was had by eveyrone!
Aug. 22 2009
Sarah Lynn said…
Wow that triple play thing is interesting! I can't even imagine how you eat it at a ball game! Looks like you had fun!
Aug. 23 2009
Wendi said…
OMG, that sandwich is incredible. And I say that as someone who lives in Texas. Dear Lord.
Aug. 23 2009
Midwest Mommy said…
Oh my word that sandwich is huge!
Aug. 24 2009
Marni said…
OMG on the sandwich! LOVE the new pics. YOU LOOK FABULOUS girl! I LOVE the green dress and big smiles. :)
Aug. 25 2009
Just Jiff said…
Looks like FUN! We are the fun parents too. :) Nothing funnier than a fat momma like me doing stuff intended for small kids. lol. And that sammich...or whatever the hell it is...is HUGE


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